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Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost?

There is no out-of-pocket fee to the school or responsible parties for our onsite services. The child's dental insurance (if any) will be billed directly for the services provided.  We currently accept Denti-Cal/Medi-Cal, and most PPO dental insurances. 

What if my child is scared?

Our goal is to make sure every child has a positive dental experience!  We will not force any child to do something they do not want to participate in.  Typically, once they see their friends participating, they happily want to be involved.

What if I have a dentist?

That's great!  Our services are meant to allow ease & convenience for preventative services by coming to your site. If we notice anything suspicious we will refer you to your dental office, or we'd be happy to refer you to a local dentist that can help!

What does the school need to provide?

We will bring all equipment and supplies.  The only thing we request is a private location, such as an empty classroom, stage, lunchroom, or other available area.  We will also need access to electrical outlets and a sink or restroom in close proximity to where services will be provided.

What about infection control?

We take everyone's health very seriously!  We have policies and procedures in place to comply with the federal and state infection control guidelines.  We follow the current PPE guidelines recommended by the CDC.  All items used on patients are disinfected, disposed of, or sterilized after each use.

Why don't you offer restorative services?

We feel it is important to use a team approach!  We bring the prevention aspect to your site, but we will refer to dental offices within the community for restorative care.  It is important to establish a local dental home to be available for children year-round for comprehensive care, treatment, or emergencies.

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